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1)  Lower down payment

Getting the best interest rate on a new-car loan usually means coming up with 10 to 20 percent of the purchase price as a down payment. If you can’t come up with the down payment, leasing looks pretty good right now. Mostly new car buyers have a trade-in to offset this expense, something a repeat lessee would not have to. Note that in this example the lease down payment includes the for first month payment only.

2) You can drive a better car for less money each month (short term lease)

For instances, you need to entertain your business investor in near time. Where  are you going to seek cashflow to get a luxury car in a short period of time. But you need to entertain this customer with the luxury car. Do not worry, you can think of leasing the car with us as we believe we can accommodate what you`re looking for.

3)  Lower repair cost

The car that we lease out is only few years old or even new model according to our terms and agreement. No worries for administrator work as we cover all payments and maintenances of insurance, road tax, servicing breakdown, etc unless the damage cause by drivers error/ negligence. Our servicing centre is from original car maker which is well known and establish such as Perodua, Toyota or Lexus centre.

Besides that, each time before the car was deliver to renters we have experience team to check to make sure that our car was in tip-top condition. If your breakdown, we have car replacement without any charges (unless otherwise stated).

4) No trade-in hassles at the end of the lease

At the end of lease, no headache if the car undervalue . This is because we will refund the deposit that you pay earlier. For your information, the car estimated to depreciate about 20% each year which means it become no value / obsolete after 5 years in the market.

5) Book loss avoidance

Eliminate book losses without the need to dispose or sell off your car faced with market depreciation.

So what are you waiting for. Start  to lease with us now!