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Chauffeur Service for Cars & Mpvs

Enjoy the view from backseat…….

According to the Oxford Dictionary the simple definition of chauffeur is a person employed to drive a private or hired car. So what is so special about our chauffeur driven compare with other transportation?

A variety of new cars, luxury and limousines, are available to service your needs, within the same city or city-to-city, from your hotel or your office. Our chauffeur services can be

a)      A charter

A charter is when a driver

(starts From point . A and ends at point .A), Example: meaning when the driver start from one location and is working 6 or more hours, then we would call that a charter.

b)      Transfer

Transfer  is when a driver (starts from point .A and ends at .B), Example: meaning when the driver starts from one location (like an airport) and bring you and your vehicle to another location (like your home), 

Our rates are flexible and are per hour or day, depending on the personalized service and customer`s schedule. It could be pre-arranged bookings with written confirmations while special needs can be requested and accommodated.

 So it`s cheaper than limo, better than cab.

*Minimum rental 6  hours

*Contact us now for no obligation quotes *