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2019 Latest Model BMW 740LE PROMOTION RATE TODAY !

Luxury Car available for leasing short (1 DAY RM800 ONLY ) and long terms ( Christmas Special Rate ) .

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Top 5 reasons why you should rent with us:

1) Good maintenance and clean condition

– Before we deliver our car to renters, we have a thorough check on exterior and interior by our foreman assistant. We do sent for car wash for cleaning as well.

2) Car delivery on time

-We deliver our services on time.

3) Positive value of staff, dispatch and driver

-Our vehicle dispatch and driver are educated and their driving experience are more than 15-20 years. In addition, they are able to communicate in English, Malay or Chinese to cater according to your needs. Our dispatch and driver are being train to be polite, friendly and helpful. For your information, we have replacement driver too. Do assured that our drivers` driving skill are professional and testify by our company.

4) We operate our business genuinely legal

-For your information all our cars are legally license by JPJ with comprehensive insurance coverage from legalise insurance company.

5) All our renters are from various corporate organisation around the world

– All our renters are being scan and filter for clean record on the road before they are able to rent from us. This will make our renters feel comfortable and safe during their journey.

Last but not least have wonderful journey with our car.